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All You Wanted to Know And More

How does delivery work?

I will always work to keep postage costs as low as I possibly can and will never make money on this cost. Most delivery companies work on weight by parcel and I therefore include the weight of each piece of wood so that you can shop with this in mind and maximise your shopping within each weight band. If you have a special or specific need then I am more than happy to work with you to get a delivery that suits

How will my wood be packaged?

I always ensure that my wood is well packaged with more than enough protection. Given that there are some pretty odd sized and shaped pieces this means that it won't always arrive in a standard box. If I have an old box or tube that I think fits it best then I will use that along with whatever protection I think will do the job. Plus it is good to reuse and recycle, just know it will get to you safely

Is all of my wood brand new?

All of my wood is in a new unused condition, some is recently milled and some has been around for many many years. Wood is a natural product with every piece being different, that's what makes it so interesting. Occasionally with that does come a risk of flaws or rather, character which some people may interpret as defects. I will do my best to point out any potential flaws and include in my photographs

Can I view the wood before purchase?

I will be more than happy to show you the items that you are interested in or to have a browse through all of the items. Please just bear in mind that I work full time during the week so would normally need to be in an evening or at a weekend. The wood is stored in my workshop at my home so we would need to arrange in advance but that way I can also have the kettle on ready.

Do I offer refunds?

If the item is faulty or not as described then I will of course offer a refund or exchange at my expense, notification of any issue should be made within 7 days. If the purchaser has decided against the purchase then it will be at my discretion and at the buyers cost to return the items before a refund will be made. 


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