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A collection of rare and interesting Wood from across the World

All items will be made available after this weekends Midlands Woodworking show!

I am selling my Personal collection of wood, or at least a big chunk of it. I have collected bowl blanks, spindles, planks, burrs, roots and nuts from all over. Some of what you will find in the shop is from great timber suppliers, many of which no longer exist. I certainly can't find anyone that still has a stock covering the varied range of species that I am putting up for sale. Predominantly I have stock of woodturning delights but also many pieces suited to crafting, luthier's or for making some fine quality furniture. Basically this is a sweet shop for wood lovers! I have several favourites but whether you are looking for beauty, rarity, colour or for a specific density, you should find it here. 

Buying Good Wood

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Sustainability & Cites

Many of the woods listed on this site are rare, some species are now endangered and are in heavily restricted supply. Some you absolutely cannot source any longer.

Cites and ICUN are protecting some of the over harvested species of timber so that they do not become extinct. Therefore the trading of certain species is not permitted imternationally. I am therefore only offering shipping within the UK to meet these regulations

New Old Stock

Most of what I have collected and am now selling has been bought in the UK or abroad but has never been used. I personally believe that these pieces are from a time when the Woods where at their very best, in unrestricted supply. From some of the greats, Craft Supplies - The Home of Woodturning, John Boddy's, Good Woods and many more. Sadly, yet rightly so, you simply cannot walk into a shop and buy these sort of blanks anymore!

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2nd Life of a Tree

George Nakashima's book - The Soul of A Tree does a great job of helping us to understand how to make the most of this natural resource that we all love. To take the timber as the tree's first life is coming to an end, to use all of the tree and to create functional & beautiful pieces that will last for generations to come. This is important to me and part of the reason that I am selling my collection, to be used, to be enjoyed and admired for years to come

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Like Minded Interest

This isn't the end of my collection, I know that I cant let all of these go. One day I hope to turn again, perhaps in retirement, how could I not keep a chunk of Cocobolo or Hairy Oak for that. I'm also still making with larger pieces, I can't resist something really interesting and figured, so If you have something you think that I might like, get in touch. If I haven't got something that you have been searching for let me know, I'll help hunt it down. Share what you create, ask questions or just share an interesting fact.

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Ways to Shop

One of the things I find so interesting about the woods in my collections is where they have come from and what the journey has been. Woods from most continents, from shrub to giant, from dry dessert like climates to humid rainforests. Some have been brought to the UK following stationing in the war, some from a British Airways Pilot on regular journeys to Australia. So search for what you know or explore the continents and find a treasure.


Looking Forward

While the exotics have typically taken centre place for their beauty, that can't continue. 

As my focus has switched to making furniture, my curiosity toward the expressive grain and figure of Native & European woods has increased. As I mill more of my own timber, I also hope to present fine quality offerings on this site. Of course that is dependent on their being a demand, so thanks for taking a look, enjoy if you make a purchase and give me some feedback on what you would like to see on here, Thanks Adam.

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